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Round 27 is now open

Hi guys,

Round 28 is now open and will last until the 30th of August at 9pm PST, and this round's prompt is:

The Dark Knight Rises

As always, the prompt is just meant to be used as a starting point, and you can be as creative with it as you like.

Rules for Posting

Please observe the following rules when posting:

(1) Use the following subject header for your posts: Team [Knight/Anarchy] - Round [xx] - [Type of Work, eg fanfic, fanart, icons, etc]

For instance, if you're on Team Anarchy and made some icons, your subject header would be Team Anarchy - Round [xx] - Icons

You can include more information in the subject line (eg, NSFW warnings, titles, etc, but you must have the above information as a minimum).

(2) Please tag your entries with the following tags:

round [xx] <--this tag needs to be created with the post
team anarchy/team knight (as appropriate)
The appropriate tag for the type of work you're posting: banners/graphics, buttons, fanart, fanfic, fanmixes, fanvids, icons
The appropriate rating tag: g, pg, pg-13, pg-15, r, nc-17

You can also use any of the genre tags.

(3) Please use the following header for your work:

Title: (if any)
Author: (your LJ user name and any additional author names you may use)
Prompt: (copy and paste the exact wording of the prompt)
Word Count: (for fic only)
Rating: (we use the G-NC17 rating system, but you can use any other rating system that is easy to understand; you don't have to include a specific rating, but make sure to rate adult/NSFW material accordingly)
Summary: (if any)
Disclaimer: This work is based on characters and concepts created and owned by DC Comics, Warner Bros. and other entities and corporations. No money is being made and no copyright and/or trademark infringement is intended. (This is our general disclaimer, which you are free to use and alter as you see fit. If you are using material from other fandoms, please don't forget to add that to your disclaimer.)
Warnings: (if any; ie, graphic violence, mature themes, etc)

Put it in whatever order you choose, just make sure to include these things (as appropriate), especially a disclaimer and (for fic) a word count. If your work contains other pairings, don't forget to mention these in your header. Please fell free to add any additional information, eg, author's notes, etc.

(4) All art larger than 200x200 pixels must be placed under an LJ cut, and any images that are NSFW must be placed under an LJ cut regardless of size. All fanfic must also be placed under an LJ-cut.

(5) Please don't use anything that's already been publicly posted before the challenge (including in your personal LJ). All works submitted for the challenge should have been finished within the challenge's time frame. (However, it's fine to continue something you started before the challenge.)


Scoring Rules

Fanfic: 500-999 words: 1 point; 1000-1499 words: 2 points; 1500-1999 words: 3 points etc
Fanfic must be at least 500 words and has to include Batman/Joker interaction of some sort (gen is fine)

Fanart: (please note that the fanart scoring rules have changed) 3 points for things made from pre-existing images (eg, graphics/banners, manips, etc); 5 points for black-and-white sketches/drawings; 10 points for full colour drawings, original digital art, and original comics (per page)
Fanart must include some reference to at least one of the characters in the team you've signed up for, as well as to either Joker, Batman, or both (eg, if you've signed up for Team Anarchy and you decide to do some Two Face fanart, the piece must contain some reference to either Batman, the Joker or both)

Icons: 0.5 points per icon
Same rules as fanart apply.

Fanvids: 2 points per 60 seconds of non-original footage (ie, footage from the movies, from the animated universe, basically anything not created by you)
4 points per 20 seconds of original footage (ie, anything you drew, animated or filmed yourself)

Fanmixes: Graphics accompanying fanmixes will be scored as fanart.
Original songs made from pre-existing material (remixes) score 2 points for 60 seconds of music.
Original songs made from entirely new material score 4 points for 20 seconds of music.

Full list of scoring rules.


Remember that you don't have to participate in every round, and that you can post as many fics/art/icons/etc as you're able to finish before the [date the round ends] deadline. If only one team posts before the deadline, that team automatically wins the round. Hope you all enjoy this round and if you have any questions don't forget to check out the intro post, the scoring rules and the F.A.Qs post. If you have any additional questions/comments, please leave a comment or contact the mods directly (our contact details are in the comm's info page).

Don't forget to cross-post your work at batmanjoker!
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